Overland Track Tips

Pelion West and Ossa Group

Well, I have just got back from the Overland Track yet again.

Something about this walk just suits me, whilst it’s not hard walking the length of the trip and food to carry can add more of a logistical hardship to the trip.

Below I will share some of my tips for the track in no particular order.

  • Pack light. This year my pack weight when leaving Ronny Creek was 13.7kg. This included all my gear and 10 days worth of food. This resulted in a much easier walk with less fatigue and the only thing I missed was a good book to read.
  • The tent platform anchors you can buy on Ali express are fantastic for helping to secure your tent to the platform.
  • I ditched the typical sleeping bag in favor of a quilt, the Ember 3 from sea to summit. Any time I felt cool, I put on a hat and fleece inside the bag and slept well.
  • Generally the walking days are short, 3 to 4 hour days with plenty of side trips available. Get up early and get moving so you have the freedom to do the side trips.
  • Currawongs will find a way into your pack to get at your food and rubbish. When you drop your pack to do one of the side tracks make sure you secure your pack. A pack cover works well but make sure it’s tight. I saw a Currawong get a pack cover off and pull out a poorly secured rubbish bag. Crafty little buggers.
  • Ear plugs. Snoring. Enough said.
  • Work on your fitness before you go. The walking is not hard, however its nice to arrive at your camp with some energy left to enjoy where you are.
  • Embrace the wet. At some point you will get wet feet, it will rain or snow, perhaps you get lucky with clear skies. However the mud will be there and those nice shiny $400 boots wont keep you dry for long. Embrace it and keep a spare pair of dry socks for the night.
  • The heaters are a bonus. Plan on not using the heaters, get the right gear to be fine if they are broken. If they are working and the temps call for it. . . Bonus
  • Book the ferry if you plan on using it. many a disappointed person has had to wait for a spot. Otherwise walk out.
  • In winter the pipes from the water tanks freeze overnight. Get all your water for the next day before bed.
  • You will meet some great people while in camp. If you want solitude just give a pleasant ‘Hi’ and go about your day. People will get the idea.
Pelion West and the Ossa Group

(Disclaimer, this was a post I prepared October 2018 and never published. Ive been back since and will write about that shortly)

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