Overland Track Gear List

Mt Pelion West, Day 3 Overland Track.

October 2018, somewhere towards Hobart show day I stood at Ronny Creek ready for a Spring stroll along the Overland Track.

The same time the year before, I also stood in the same spot; the only real difference was 10kg of pack weight. That year prior I set off with 24kg of equipment, food and gadgetry. All of it “essential” to a successful Overland Track journey, or so I thought.

I started walking nearly 20 years ago and much of my thinking had remained the same “Weight equals safety, have a back up for your back up” and so on. It was a nice trip, I enjoyed the views and people I met on the Overland Track, the banter and comradery but the one thing I enjoyed the most was taking my pack off each day. It was, well, the favourite part of my day and that’s a bit of a drag when you are surrounded by million dollar scenery.

Mt Pelion West from Pelion Plains

When I got home from that trip I looked at everything I took, I weighed it both psychically and by the benefit it offered me. I took those weights and started to search online for lighter options. I read Mike Clellands “ultralight Backpackin Tips” about five times. Some of the ideas I took onboard, some such as wiping your bum with a pinecone were not only impractical in Tasmania but also didn’t appeal to me.

So, back to October 2018, standing in the same spot at the start of the Overland Track with my pack weighing only 13.7kg with food. Not bad I thought, considering I planned a few side trips and had ten days of food in my pack.

Looking back on Mt Emmett, Day Two

I had a good-ish weather window (as good of a window as one gets on the Overland Track), the back up of huts close by and nearly 20 years of experience to fall back on. I slept in my tent on all but the first and last night.

Anyway, enough of the diatribe, the gear list is below.

 Item Product Use
PackOsprey Levity 60Carry everything
TentNemo Hornet 2pShelter
Sleeping bagSea to Summit Ember III QuiltWarmth
Sleeping MatSea to Summit Neo AirComfort and warmth
PillowSea to Summit Aeros PremiumComfort
StoveFurno 360 stove and pot setCook and drink
CutlerySea to Summit Long handle spoonPut food in mouth
KnifeVictorinox EscortCut food, repairs, etc
TorchBlack Diamond SpotSee in the dark
First Aid KitHome MadeTreat minor injuries – Note #1
Toilet Kit Home MadeSanitation – Note #2
Power Bank10000MahCharge electronics
Camera/end of track communicationI Phone 6Memories, organise pick up
Sunscreen Cancer CouncilThat harsh Tassie sun
Bug Spray Bushman’s AerosolKeep the annoying bugs at bay
Clothing Carried  
Insulating JacketCederberg Down Jacket Insulation in the evening
Mid Layer100w Fleece Pullover Layer under Down Jacket
ThermalsMacpac Pro-Thermal top and bottomLayer under Fleece
PantsColumbia Silver RidgeI prefer pants around camp
GlovesBlack Diamond SoftshellKeep the hands warm
Waterproof GlovesBunnings PVC chemical glovesKeep the hands dry
Warm HeadwearFleece BeanieYou lose a lot of heat through your head
Sleep Socks1 PairExtra warmth for the feet
Underwear1 Spare, wash one/wear oneSelf-explanatory I hope
Rain JacketMarmot PrecipSee note #3
Rain PantsNorthface Venture IIKeep legs dry
Clothing Worn  
ShortsNorthface (no longer made)I prefer to walk in shorts
ShirtColumbia Silver ridge LSKeeps the sun off, dies quick, easy to vent
HatUnder Armour capAgain sun protection
SocksMountain Designs Merino Light HikerI find Merino keeps the sock smell at bay longer
Liner SockMountain Designs Merino LinerReduced friction, reduces blisters
UnderwearRegular Sport style long BoxerAgain Self-explanatory I hope
BuffRAB model no longer producedSun, Rain, Sweat mop, Quick beanie.
ThermalsMacpac Pro-Thermal setCarried if not worn

Note 1- First Aid.
Below is what I generally pack for a multiday trip
Compression Bandages x 4
Non-Adherent Dressing x 2
Splinter Probe
Alcohol swabs
Emergency Blanket
Elastoplast strapping tape
CPR shield

Note 2 – Toilet Kit.
Toilet Paper – I don’t ration it into squares per day or anything. 1 Roll for 4 days or so, 2 rolls for longer.
Hand sanitizer
Body Glide anti chafe rub on. With the pants already down its a good time to apply it.
Snow Peg, strong, sharp and lightweight for digging toilet holes. bonus, you can use it for your tent too if needed.
Antibacterial body wipes, 2 Wipes per day.

Note 3 – Rain Jacket.
The mentioned jacket is far from a full Gore-Tex jacket, I had a good reliable forecast and was confident in the gear choice. However weather is not always favourable or dependable and your selection of gear must suit your adventure. I would have taken a “proper” waterproof jacket had the forecast looked questionable and in most cases I do take one. This is Tasmania after all.

So there you have it, you don’t need a heavy pack to hike the Overland Track. Just some key pieces and a margin for safety and your off and away.

*This was a spring trip on the Overland Track, for winter I certainly recommend different gear.

Getting there from Launceston

Operator NameWebsite
Overland Track Transporthttp://www.overlandtracktransport.com.au
Cradle Mountain Coacheshttp://www.cradlemountaincoaches.com.au

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