Walls Of Jerusalem.

Archer at the junction for the Walls or Lake Adelaide.

It was early January 2020 and time to get outside again and enjoy some time with my Son at the Walls of Jerusalem. At seven years old he is pretty comfortable and competent on multi-day hikes.

We got away from Hobart mid afternoon and headed north along the midlands highway, then along the Bass Highway before turning into Deloraine for dinner.

One very fragrant curry from Cycles @ the Empire in Deloraine.

We then continued through to Mole Creek and then inland along Mersey Forest road to the Mersey White Water area where we set up a quick camp and got into bed after what was a long day for a seven year old.

We woke early the next day and broke camp before the paddlers arrived to resume what I assume was a competition. The paddlers started to arrive at 7:30 just as we were having the last morsels of breakfast.

A short drive further along Mersey Forest road and we were at a bulging carpark and were lucky to find a spot.

On the ascent to Trappers hut, Walls of Jerusalem 2020

We undertook the boot cleaning ritual to help prevent the spread of Phytophthora a pathogen that causes disease and plant death which is of concern in such a delicate environment.

Ritual complete we started the ascent to Trappers Hut, this section of track rises approximately 500 meters in 2.5km and can be a challenge especially for smaller legs. I’m proud to say that Archer made short work of the hill and in about an hour and a half we were at trappers hut where we met some members of a Walls of Jerusalem and Overland Track Facebook group. We had a brief chat as they were ready to head off ahead of us and we planned a snack break at the hut.

The track continues uphill for about 20 minutes or so until you suddenly break out into the tarn and lake dotted plateau.

The Plateau is a magical place with tarns and cushion plants creating a mosaic that is only interrupted by bands of trees and mountains. On clear days the views across to the Overland track and south to King David’s peak are breath taking.

We sauntered along the last board walked section on the approach to Wild Dog Creek, our home for the night.

The campsite was full to the brim with hikers already spreading out to the grassed sections at the bottom. We set up camp and began a late lunch of chicken flavoured rice with a coffee and hot chocolate.

Flies and mosquitoes abounded and with the aim of a brief reprieve we retreated to the tent for a rest. It was then a raiding part arrived (a large group of scouts) who began to pitch camp right next to us. Not really an issue as we had a double site and were quite prepared to share, however it became a bit annoying when the pitched three tents on a site designed for two. That’s four tents in the space for two.

Archer and I took and afternoon stroll down to the large boulder at Wild Dog Creek for a bit of bouldering and wildlife watching.

The rest of the evening was spent with a tikka masala for myself and a bolognaise for Archer. Sleep came early, ear plugs drowned out the giggling teens a foot away and I had, possibly the best nights sleep I’ve had in months.

The following morning we woke early and started breakfast as we packed up camp. We decided to return to the car that day instead of exploring the central walls area as Archer was feeling a bit home sick.

We made it back to the car around two in the afternoon and drove down to Lake Rowallan for a swim, freshen up and change of clothes before heading to Deloraine for a quick dinner and home.

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