Thermarest Neo Air X-Lite

I have been using the Thermarest Neo Air Xlite for lightweight trips in all seasons except winter. This Mat has an R value of 4.2 which means that it technically fits into the category of winter use, however I find the narrower shape and rounded corners lets in a bit to much cold air for me. Slimmer hikers may find it comfortable in winter conditions. The R Value is basically a measurement of a materials ability to resist heat transfer. For example, your body warmth to the ground or the grounds temperature to you.

Winter4 and above

This mat represents awesome warmth for its 340grams and takes up very little room in the pack. I will pack this mat, my quilt, Nemo Hornet 2P tent and stove and essentials into a 40l pack for overnight hikes in warmer weather.

I do find this mat slightly too narrow, however they do offer a large version of the mat which comes in at 460g and is considerably longer and wider.

If you are looking for a great value mat that can see you through most conditions then this is definitely a mat worth adding to your list.


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