Sea to Summit Ember III Quilt

Image courtesy: sea to summit

In the quest to lower the weight of my pack I decided to look into quilts. I normally leave my sleeping bag unzipped, even through Winter. So it made sense to me to give it a go.

I ordered the Ember III quilt by Sea to Summit, which weighs in at 725g for the standard version. The quilt is rated from comfort at -3c and -10c for the comfort limit. For me I find about -5c ideal, past that I’m reaching for a warm hat and my downie to extend the range a bit.

The quilt is filled with 850+ loft Ultra Dry Goose Down with a 10D nylon shell, with a years worth of use I haven’t found any down leaking through as yet.

The keeper straps supplied with the quilt don’t really hold the quilt in place unless you are a still sleeper. I always found that they would pop off during the night, in the end I left them at home and haven’t found any issues keeping warm without them. There is a cinch cord at the foot which allows you to create a footbox in colder conditions.

I pair this mat with either the Neo Air or the Exped down mat 7 depending on the season and expected temperatures.

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