Furno 360 Stove.

Image Courtesy of seatosummit.com.au

This is quite a popular little stove as it often comes on sale with the stove and a pot set for around the $60 mark. This bargain price doesn’t mean that you are compromising much though as its a pretty good little stove.

The burner allows you to adjust the heat output so you can boil quickly or simmer. Some stoves such as the JetBoil Flash are on or off, which is quite convenient for getting cold water hot quickly but lacks the delicate touch to, say, simmer a packet pasta without scorching it to the pot, with the Furno you can do this quite easily.

I do find it less efficient fuel wise and use a windshield made from Aluminium foil, folded over numerous times. Be careful though as you dont want to trap too much heat and cause your gas cylinder to overheat. I always leave a 5-6cm gap and check the cylinder frequently.

The pot has an 850ml capacity and a separate cup to act as a lid. I boil the big pot and then make a cup of tea in the cup, refill the pot and sit the cup back on top to speed boiling and keep the drink warm in cold weather. Be careful not to knock the pot’s though and also take care when drinking as the cup is a single layer of metal and can get quite hot on the lips.

I take this stove set when i have dehydrated my own meals and need to simmer for a few minutes to get the meal hydrated properly. There is no need to continuously simmer meals, I find bringing to the boil and simmering for 2-3 minutes and then letting the pot sit in a beanie for 10-15 minutes works quite well. Sometimes I will re-warm for a minute or two if the conditions are cold and the meal has cooled.

If you want temperature control and a budget friendly option, definitely have a look at this set.

Catch ya next time.

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