Calverts Hill. A short walk

Today I decided to check out a short walk I saw on AllTrails. A 7.6km mini circuit that I thought would be a nice trail run. My fitness at the moment is not where I would like it and I’m aiming to run a short trail on Thursdays to gradually build up the fitness for some fastpacking style adventures in the future.

I drove past Lauderdale and turned onto Forest Hill road and followed that to the gravel car park at its end. I put on my pack and started jogging up the trail. My main goal was to jog what I could and keep my heart rate below 130bpm. The initial up hill soon had me break that 130 barrier and I hiked the rest of the short hill. At the crest of the hill the track spits you out between a farm and a private residence. The view it opens out to was amazing though and My excitement rose quickly.

The next section of track heads downhill on a couple of gentle switchback, those were so much fun to run on. For the first time in a long time I felt like a runner again, my feet found solid footing and I even filmed a short section which I hope to use in a later video of trail runs. Then I was on the coast, a small swell was rolling in and with perfect light I felt like there was a significance to my day.

As I stopped to take this photo a large eagle took off from in front of me and flew off into the trees on the inland side before I could get a photo. I continued along the track by the waters edge, hiking the hills and running the flats and downhill segments trying my best to keep to my plan. The scenery was so inspiring I kept stopping to take photos and enjoy where I was. Soon I reached a farmer’s gate which the track traverses and let myself through making sure it was closed again I kept running, well I tried to keep an even pace but the trail was now a sloped pad of tussocked grass which made running difficult. The trail continued to a second gate with views to Cremorne. However rather than going through the track follows the fence line uphill.

The trail uphill is basically a cow poo dodging paddock bash on a section of grass mowed tighter. A stand of skeletal trees provides some character to the hill, the best views are out towards Cremorne and the bay behind. On top of the hill lies a trig station and is rather unassuming in itself, the views on offer though are stunning. Mount Wellington dominates the western aspect with its current snow cover it was a stark contrast to the beautiful skies and bays to the east. To the southern area the small community of Cremorne and its bay and beach shone and further out the end of the Tasman Peninsula.

The trail continues to follow the fence line back in the direction of the car until it veers back downhill to the first gate. From there it’s a simple matter of retracing your steps back to the car. All up it took just under an hour and a half with plenty of stops for photos.

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