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  • Mt King William 1

    It was a warm Sunday in late March, we had been looking all week for a day walk that would be both rewarding and scenic. Mt King William 1 did not disappoint in either aspect. We left Hobart around six… Read More ›

  • Freycinet.

    Having taken time off work to take my yearly trip down the Overland Track, we arrived at Cradle Mountain in perfect sunny conditions. Only, the weather gods had forecast the biggest snow event of the season for the following day…. Read More ›

  • Stoves.

    When it comes to preparing a meal while out on your hiking trip a stove will certainly come in handy. There are a lot of options out there from a simple alcohol stove, gas, pressurised liquid and solid fuel burning… Read More ›

  • Trip Planning.

    You have found yourself with four days free from work, social obligations and you decide its time for a trip. Its time to get to the planning stage, where the idea of a trip meets the reality of it happening… Read More ›

  • Calverts Hill. A short walk

    Today I decided to check out a short walk I saw on AllTrails. A 7.6km mini circuit that I thought would be a nice trail run. My fitness at the moment is not where I would like it and I’m… Read More ›

  • Waterproof Ratings.

    So your heading to your local outdoor store to do some shopping before an up coming trip. You look at waterproof jackets and notice they all have ratings to determine how resistant they are to the weather.Lets have a look… Read More ›

  • Layering.

    The general principle of layering is to maintain a comfortable body temperature, that is one where you are not cold and not too hot either. Its the “Goldilocks” zone. So how do you accomplish this? The answer is layers. The… Read More ›

  • Osprey Aether 70

    I purchased this pack after using the Osprey Levity 60 pack and being impressed with the comfort. I wanted a pack that would handle heavier loads for winter trips and still be comfortable. I am quite impressed with this pack,… Read More ›

  • Not Ultralight – UltraRight.

    What defines ultralight hiking? A 4.5kg base weight you follow most theories. Now a base weight is all your gear except for consumable items such as food, fuel and water (your food bag, fuel bottle and drink bottle count though)…. Read More ›

  • Walls Of Jerusalem Nov 2020

    Around six in the morning I left Hobart and began the long drive up the midlands highway towards Launceston, across to Deloraine, through Mole Creek and into the Walls of Jerusalem carpark. With a few stops for coffee and a… Read More ›