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Thermarest Neo Air X-Lite

I have been using the Thermarest Neo Air Xlite for lightweight trips in all seasons except winter. This Mat has an R value of 4.2 which means that it technically fits into the category of winter use, however I find…

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Keeping Clean, Call It Hygiene.

You have arrived at your hut or campsite and the days walking is done. You are sweaty, you can feel the dried sweat around your neck and head, your pits feel and smell like a swamp and that wicking underwear…

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Bicheno to Coles Bay Cycle Tour.

It was a warm Monday morning as I drove up the coast from Hobart to Bicheno with the intention to cycle back down to Coles bay (Freycinet) and return the following day. I arrived in Bicheno just after 10am, and…

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Walls Of Jerusalem.

It was early January 2020 and time to get outside again and enjoy some time with my Son at the Walls of Jerusalem. At seven years old he is pretty comfortable and competent on multi-day hikes. We got away from…

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About Me

There is so much to each person, their past experiences, how they interpret those experiences and the demands that society tries to instil in each individual. Not one of us can be the same, as such this site is not…

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